AraabMuzik at The Capitol Theatre | New York Music News Highlights

Abraham Orellana, aka AraabMuzik, brings it.  And at the Capitol Theatre last Friday, he energized the trickling-in crowd.  Intensely focused on bringing the noise, Orellana barely looked up for a moment, his hands imitating a running Road Runner’s legs.  Nonstop-in-your-face sound with more layers than a wedding cake, Orellana’s music brought our ears to places Mike Tyson never knew existed.

AraabMuzik is on tour with Sleigh Bells, playing nearly every night until finishing up in Minneapolis.

2012, New York

Sleigh Bells at The Capitol Theatre | New York Music News Highlights

It’s not easy to convince New Yorkers to make the trek on MetroNorth to Port Chester.  But the recently reopened Capitol Theatre, restored to all of its former splendor, roused even the most skeptical of Brooklynites to make the journey to bask in Sleigh Bell’s rockness.  The band was in prime form there last Friday, keeping the audience on their feet and toes (not throwing elbows).

Singer Alexis Krauss commanded the stage with pure force and adrenalin, jumping and dancing from one side to the other.  It was, in a word, fun.  Roller-coaster-riding fun.  The kind of fun that engrains a smile on your face until it hurts.  But it hurts so good.

Sleigh Bells are currently touring with AraabMuzik, wrapping up at First Avenue in Minneapolis on November 2.

2012, New York

Dum Dum Girls EP Release Party @ Europa

Think 90s with less angst, add some punkrock sultriness, and you get the Dum Dum Girls.  The band was at Europa last night celebrating their new EP, End of Daze, which was released on Sub Pop last week.  And so it was amidst a room of velvet couches, beaded curtains and blue light that Dee Dee, Jules, Sandy and Malia took to the stage, tuning their guitars while the crowd waited, anticipating greatness.  With the first guitar riff, they knew the Dum Dum Girls would not disappoint.

These chicks rock.  And not in the clichéd chick-rock sort of way.  But in a complex, dynamic way that blends femininity with punk and doesn’t apologize to the uninitiated.   Their lyrics, sometimes pained and morose,  marry nicely with their sound, which varies from upbeat poppy tunes to lovesick hymns.  We can’t wait to see what they bring next.


2012, New York

B’z at Best Buy Theater | New York Music News HIghlight

“B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!  B’z!” Eager fans of Japanese band B’z impatiently chanted before the band’s sold out September 30 show at the Best Buy Theater in Manhattan (their first ever East Coast performance). B’z took the stage and proceded to rock faces off thousands of fans. After selling over 80 million records and having their handprints and signatures put up in the Hollywood’s RockWalk per Steve Vai’s request, you may still may have never heard of them. But, with a new english album, their momentum has grown, and everyone in America is soon to know B’z.

For the uninitiated, NYMN has the cliff notes of the band’s history, so you can one-up your friends in true hipster fashion:

Guitarist Takahiro “Tak” Matsumoto and vocalist Koshi Inaba joined forces in 1988 to form B’z. Since then, the band has released 18 albums and 50 singles, many of those singles consecutively debuting at Number One on Japan’s Oricon Singles Chart. Matsumoto has shared the stage with the likes of legends Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Ace Frehley and Slash, and is only the fifth guitarist in the world to have his own Gibson signature Les Paul:  the Tak Matsumoto Doublecut Custon Ebony Gibson.

B’z released their English-language EP, B’z, on July 25th and is available now worldwide through iTunes.  The self-titled collection includes the single, “Into Free-Dangan,” featured in the  Dragon’s Dogma video game, and the record’s opening track, “Love Bomb” (originally titled “Ai no Bakudan”) was a Number One hit in Japan in 2005. All of the songs on the new album have been re-produced with English lyrics to coincide with B’z upcoming North American tour, which kicked off at The Warfield in San Francisco on September 17th.

Matsumoto explains, “This will be our fourth U.S. tour.  We love playing for American audiences, and are excited to share our first English-language release with our fans.” B’z will wrap up the tour on Sunday at Los Angeles’ Gibson Amphitheatre.


2012, New York