Interview: Buffalo Killers Implicated in Overpopulation Problem

Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. is available on August 7, 2012 on Alive Records

The NYMN Investigative Team recently interviewed brothers Andy and Zachary Gabbard of the band Buffalo Killers in anticipation of their upcoming album Dig. Sow. Love. Grow..

What we uncovered might very well lead to worldwide anarchy and an overpopulation problem destined to destroy the earth’s carrying capacity.

NYMN: Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. Where did you record the album and what sticks out to you the most about the recording sessions?

(Andy Gabbard) We recorded the new album at Candyland in Cincinnati, OH with Mike Montgomery. Mike usually gets everything mic’d and ready for us to go in and lay shit down. We work fast and always have fun together. Frequent smoke and skateboard breaks.

(Zachary Gabbard) Yeah, Mike is a good friend and really good dude. The one thing that sticks about most about these sessions is the fact that a lot of the songs were born in the studio. We brought them in, rehearsed a few times and the first take was the one we stuck with.

NYMN: Fill in the blank: “With this album, our goal was to…”

(AG) Our goal is always just to get these songs out and recorded. My brother and I are constantly writing and we love to rock. Each album reflects what’s going on in our lives at that time. We make records for fun and if they happen to turn people on, that is a wonderful thing.

(ZG) Yeah, the goal is always just to make a good record that we can be proud that hopefully stands the test of time.

(Photo credit: Erin Volk)

NYMN: You’re releasing your 4th album and Buffalo Killers are older than the iPhone, the movie Knocked Up, and the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Take a minute to clean-up if needed after having your mind blown. How have you changed as an artist between that first album (Buffalo Killers) and your fourth?

(ZG) Our personal lives have changed so much that they lend themselves to the evolution of our sound. Not only that, as you mentioned, we are older than the iPhone, so time has played a big part. We are wiser, more experienced and less likely to give a shit what anyone thinks. We do things our way and hope that people like what we do. So maybe wise is an overstatement.

(AG) I think we’ve learned a lot about each other and how to work together for the sake of the song. There is less thinking going on, things just seem to fall into place. We really have been playing together for such a long time. We know what we can do, and where we wanna go, and how we’re gonna get there. It just works. When you first start your band, you have your own idea of what you wanna be or sound like. At this point, we know who we are and we just do our thing. It’s hard to explain.

NYMN: Hypothetical situation: I bring a nice lady home one night and put on your record to set the mood. How great will the sex be if we have Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. rocking in the background?

(AG) As soon as you hear the first note of the first song you will jizz your pants and fall asleep.

(ZG) Do you realize how many babies have been made to our music? Hundreds if not thousands.

NYMN: I see the world “nostalgic” in many reviews of your music. Are you OK with that constant comparison to music from the 60s and 70s?

(AG) It’s okay. We enjoy a lot of music from the 60’s and 70’s. But we are here now in present time making new music. I guess that’s just the easiest way for someone to describe us to someone who doesn’t know a lot about music.

(ZG) What are you gonna do? I think the real problem is music has diversified so much, if it doesn’t sound like the stuff that is being pushed by rags, screaming from a radio or mainstream in any way, then it is nostalgic… because that was the last era when bands made real music, played real instruments and sang without auto tune. The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of good bands out there, real musicians, who get half-assed reviews and comparisons because they aren’t Indie, Pop or Urban enough. Rock and Roll is alive and well. It isn’t nostalgia it is a genre of music.

NYMN: We interviewed The Sheepdogs recently and we enjoyed getting to meet the guys. They seem like excellent touring mates. How did this tour come together? I know you both worked with members of The Black Keys.

(ZG) We met them when we played SXSW a few years ago. They came to our showcase and told us that they were big fans. The next thing we knew they were winning the cover of the Rolling Stone, congrats to them and looking forward to playing with them and seeing them again.

(AG) We’ve crossed paths with The Sheepdogs a couple of times. Seem like really nice fellers. I’m really looking forward to playing with them, they are a great band. Yeah, we’ve known Dan and Pat for a long time. Another great band.

NYMN: When performing, do you prefer holding the crowd captive during a slower song, hanging on your every word and note or having the crowd going bonkers leading them like a Rock and Roll Pied Piper?

(ZG) Our standard bonkers recipes is to come out mean and loud, slow it down a bit and then blow their minds with a rockin’ screamer.

(AG) It’s fun to rock out. We give it all we got with every song. The funnest thing to do is to start jamming on a riff that we’ve never rehearsed live and just seeing what happens.

NYMN: Buffalo Killers play on August 16, 2012 at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY. What stands out to you when playing in NYC and do you have places you “have to go to” when you arrive in NYC for a show?

(AG) It’s always a good time. Usually the only place we “have to go” is the van for a smoke haha. Seeing our friends is the best part of going to NYC. And finding a place to eat.

(ZG) We would love the opportunity to just chill and enjoy the city with our friends, but usually we never have the time. We could eat Katz’s all day long. You should bring some to the show.

Come see the boys on August 16th

NYMN: What’s an amazing prediction (it can be outlandish, lie all you want) you can make to the people of New York City of something that will happen at the Glasslands show to get them beating down the doors to get in?

(AG) Gallagher’s gonna be there smashing fruit. We’ll take our shirts off. And there will be a hologram of Michael Jackson dancing along to our songs.

(ZG) As evident from this interview, you will get laid, you will go bonkers, you will feel a touch of nostalgia, we will be releasing the latest iPhone exclusively at our show and you may get a contact high.

NYMN: Cincinnati rapid fire questions: (As answered by Andy Gabbard)
Reds or Bengals? Both!
Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame? Fuck yes.
Skyline Chili – Hype or the real deal? Real deal. Chilli and Spaghet!
Better movie filmed in Cincinnati: Rain Man or Airborne? Dude, Airborne. Extreme blades.
More proud of which fictional character being from Cincinnati: beloved Sesame Street character Snuffleupagus’ grandmother OR the staff of WKRP in Cincinnati? Snuffleupagus’ grandma was from Cincinnati? Definitely her.

NYMN: Cincinnati rapid fire questions: (As answered by Zachary Gabbard)
Reds or Bengals? Bengals
Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame? Yes
Skyline Chili – Hype or the real deal? Real deal, but not as good as Camp Washington Chili
Better movie filmed in Cincinnati: Rain Man or Airborne? Milk Money
More proud of which fictional character being from Cincinnati: beloved Sesame Street character Snuffleupagus’ grandmother OR the staff of WKRP in Cincinnati? Dr. Johnny Fever and co.

To see Gallagher, a Michael Jackson hologram, and the new iPhone check out Buffalo Killers at The Glasslands Gallery on Thursday, August 16th. Don’t forget to bring a nice salami for the band. Their upcoming album Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. is available tomorrow.