Lavender Diamond – Light My Way

Lavender Diamond’s new single “Light My Way” could be described as what happens when you make dreamy electronic pop for adults who also like folk music.

Frontwoman Becky Stark is often compared to Linda Ronstadt and Karen Carpenter, but her music, over time, has become less and less “retro.”

Her voice is reminiscent of those artists, but a more apt comparison is Vashti Bunyan. Her voice has a similar airiness to it, and a similar edge to it that suggests an awareness of the stark reality under all the preciousness. She sounds less quirky and fey than many comparable singers, and she gives you the impression that she’s doing it all effortlessly.

On “Light My Way,” her thin vocals are mixed with a heavy and clear-sounding electronic arrangement. The contrast shouldn’t work, but it does. David Fridmann’s production sounds cleaner than you might expect from the man who showed MGMT how to use distortion, but he manages to make bassy blips sound organic and trebly twinkles sound strident in a way that serves the song very well.

Laura Davis’ music video features Stark dancing in a California industrial park. It doesn’t look like a typical California scene- there are no city lights or desert mountains. It looks a bit more like a Brooklyn-made music videos, many of which also often feature industrial landscapes and dance recitals by lonely girls in dresses. But it looks nothing like a Brooklyn video; the night sky in New York never has that hue, and the cute girl hopping around alone in this video looks neither painfully shy nor manic. Stark looks as comfortable with her image as she is with her idiosyncratic sound.


As of today’s date, Lavender Diamond do not have any scheduled shows in New York, but touring info can be found on Lavender Diamond’s website.


December Tour Dates

12/11 – The Chapel – San Francisco, CA

12/13 – The Sunset – Seattle, WA

12/14 – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR

2012, New York


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