Mean Creek’s new single floats on a nice river of fuzz | New York Music News

This review for Mean Creek’s single, “Come On, Before It’s Gone,” will be the first music I’ve ever reviewed on any type of official forum. So lucky for them, I like it. Because I have a seven week old baby at home and don’t have time for shitty music.

It starts nice and fuzzy with harmonies kicking in that sound like mint chocolate chip ice cream to the ears – sweet and cool. Mean Creek sounds similar to Yuck, what with the bendy string notes. But that’s okay, because I happen to like Yuck. I could describe both bands as 90’s alternative revival, and that’s cool

The term “shoegaze” comes to mind. But despite the distortion and ambience, this song feels shiny due to the positive slant of the chorus. Sorta like you’re gazing down at a new pair of chucks that you wish had a little more dirt on them. Still pretty comfy, though.


2012, New York





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