NYMN Interview – Jason Bartell of Fang Island

NYMN interviews Jason Bartell of Fang Island and asks him about movies, Rhode Island, and Ned Flanders. Fang Island is playing this Thursday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

NYMN: Your music has been called “life-affirming”, “killer fun”, and “brimming with infectious enthusiasm”. What makes you mad? There is no way you’re this happy all the time. Even Ned Flanders had a breaking point

Jason: I am pretty ding-dong-doodily-delighted, all the time. 

NYMN: I first heard Fang Island when I watched the music video for “Daisy”. Is “Daisy” Fang Island in a nutshell? Or is it was Fang Island was before Major?

Jason: “Daisy” was originally a theme song for a pilot we were pitching to Adult Swim called That’s Soooooooooo Fang Island! This was in 2004, its where the band name comes from. 

NYMN: Also you have people wearing the masks of presidents and a flag that says Vaya Con Dios in the video for “Daisy”. Is it safe to assume Fang Island is a fan of Point Break?

Jason: Is that a beach?

NYMN: Getting back to Major, it has been nearly a month since the album was released. You’ve had some time after the album’s release to be a band with a sophomore album completed. What’s the next step in your band’s evolution?

Jason: I’m not big on spoilers, I can say that we have a very detailed plan for the next 20 years of Fang Island, complete with b-stories and plot twists

NYMN: The band is headquartered in Brooklyn now. Why Brooklyn? What is it about Brooklyn that works for your band, versus, a place like Rhode Island for example?

Jason: As you know, Fang Island is a “beach band”, and Rhode Island had the best beaches we had ever seen, second only to Brooklyn. 

NYMN:You have an upcoming show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Does this concert feel like a “home game” to you?

Jason: Its a 5 minute walk from my home, so in that way yes. 

NYMN: Finally, the band is made up of folks from Little Rhody, aka Rhode Island. Here are a few rapid fire Rhode Island questions:
Have you ever called a drinking or water fountain a bubbler?  Never.
Have you ever walked across the state? No.
Favorite Farrelly Brothers movie set in Rhode Island: Outside Providence; There’s Something About Mary; Dumb and Dumber; Me, Myself, and Irene; or Hall Pass? Shallow Hal
Three adjectives to describe Rhode island? Sunny, Sandy, Band-y

Fang Island plays Thursday, August 30th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.


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