NYMN Interview – Silent Drape Runners

Silent Drape Runners play August 28th at the Bell House

Recent sold out shows have brought critical acclaim and scores of new fans to the David Lynch tribute duo of Russ Marshalek and Sophie Weiner. Under the name Silent Drape Runners, they play live re-soundtrackings to the cult classic television program Twin Peaks. Theses experiences are quickly becoming some of the most talked about events in NYC and the upcoming show  (spoiler alert: possible last show?) at the Bell House on August 28th should not be missed. NYMN recently interviewed Russ and Sophie to get their perspective on Mexican food, sexy jerks, and Chicago-based dolphins.

NYMN: You describe your music as “Sea Punk”. Care to elaborate?

Russ: A conjunction of words turned into a fourth-internet movement by famusband Zombelle and Ultrademon

Sophie: I wouldn’t say we’re really a #seapunk band, but we love playing around the with genre/aesthetic (which, if you are unclear on, is basically a new-nu rave movement mostly based in Chicago involving dolphins). #splash

NYMN: What should I call a live Silent Drape Runners performance? Is it a concert? Is it a live experience? Is it an art installation?

Russ: It’s an experience 

Sophie: Every show is different. Every show is weird. Sometimes I’d say we’re performance art, sometimes we host parties, sometimes we just do a band set. We decided to call everything we do an “experience” as we feel that encapsulates a decent amount of the weird shit we come up with.

NYMN: I often find that I can eat a surprising amount of tortilla chips and that when they say “Hot Plate” they mean it when I go to a Mexican restaurant. Russ found out Sophie could sing at a Mexican restaurant which helped give birth to Silent Drape Runners. How did this come about?

Russ: I often find that really there’s no decent queso in New York. What’s up with that? What’s the deal with airline food? What is your problem hot plate means hot plate. I believe the answer had something to do with my brother Zack being in town from Atlanta shout out Atlanta shout out Featureless Ghost shout out Malissa Sole shout out Mood Rings shout out Star Bar shout out Kimberly Kennedy shout out The Optimist oyster bar shout out Octane Coffee shout out Criminal Records shout out R. Land I forgot the question.  

Sophie: We were drunk after seeing a burlesque show (of Russ’ girlfriend’s former troupe). I’m pretty sure I fell asleep in the cab on the way there. And then I sang The Killers.

NYMN: .G.O.T.H. was released in July. You’ve had some time to reflect since the album’s release. How do you feel about it almost two months after it’s release?

Russ: We’re still goth. We have another song coming out soon. You’re hearing this first. It will either be called “Negative Reinforcement” or “IDC”.

Sophie: It’s definitely our best and most fully realized album to date. (Less obnoxious answer: the song turned out awesome, but with so much other stuff going on in our lives I wish we’d had more time to work on it before releasing it. The party we had for the release was totally insane.)

NYMN: When did the obsession with Twin Peaks begin?

Russ: Twin Peaks is the original witch house. 

Sophie: Before our band, for Russ. I hadn’t even seen Twin Peaks when the band started, I watched it as research before our first performance.

NYMN: Do you only love Agent Dale Cooper, aka Kyle MacLachlan, in the world of the Laura Palmer investigation or do you celebrate his entire catalog?

Russ: I don’t answer questions about Sex and the City

Sophie: I think Kyle MacLachlan rules. He’s so funny on Portlandia. I recently saw him in this movie where he is having sex with two best friends without their knowing and it was kinda cool to see him play a sexy jerk instead of his usual naive good-guy.

NYMN: Any special insight into your upcoming performance Tuesday, August 28th at the Bell House?

Russ: Real is a feeling. No, wait. This is the last time we’re doing this show, which I guess is our “calling card” show, in New York this year. It’s going to sell out. Buy tickets. Buy our t-shirts, too. We’ll have them there.

Sophie: All will be revealed shortly… and I’m wearing a different dress than I usually do. It’s black.


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