The Lighthouse + The Whaler at The Mercury Lounge | New York Music News Recap

It is recommended listen to this band for a minute.

On line for The Lighthouse + The Whaler at The Mercury Lounge I eavesdropped someone telling his friend “My girlfriend has better taste in music than me, so that’s why I’m here”. These words fumed my brain holder. Simply, how can you know if someone’s opinion/taste is better? I can’t figure it out and again questioning my existence. After-all(but-so-it-be)  The Lighthouse + The Whaler was able to put my mind at ease with a for a short time with an interesting/fun show at The Mercury Lounge.

This is the kind of band where you can get down in the general admission section or listen to on the balcony. They work dynamic melodies in smooth-sizzle-fuss that you might find unpredictable.

Band History

The Lighthouse and the Whaler is a band from Cleveland, Ohio, though its name alludes to the waters off the coast of Massachusetts. Inspired by a theme from Moby Dick, the band’s name alone is enough to make underpaid Literature teachers beam with pride.

It all started with two musicians — Michael LoPresti and Aaron Smith — who decided to collaborate in a field one sunny afternoon because that seemed nicer than playing in a basement. By the end of the day they had written their first song. They gave it a profound name: “The Field Song.” When it was selected for a Paste Sampler CD, Aaron and Michael decided to make a proper run at it.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler released a four-song EP in 2008 and a self-titled/produced/released album in 2009. Two songs from that album — “White Days” and “Under Mountain, Under Ground” — found their way to TV and radio. With more fans to play for, The Lighthouse and the Whaler hit the road and toured across America. Somewhere between Boston and Seattle, the band picked up three new members — Matthew, Mark and Steve – thereafter, fulfilling the prophesy that was to be five young men stuffed in a forest green Chevy Venture, searching for open ears and loyal hearts.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler plays indie-pop and does not believe that genre labels tell you anything you need to know about a band. It has nevertheless caught the attention of MTV, Paste, FILTER, Spinner, Under the Radar, Daytrotter, KEXP and other media outlets that cater to indie-pop music fans.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler has performed at venues and festivals like The Rock’n’ Roll Hall of Fame, SXSW, House of Blues, Pop Montreal, Shubas and Rockwood Music Hall, though its favorite show to date took place in the attic of an old bookstore. The band has shared stages with Sufjan Stevens, The Temper Trap, and The Dodos, and shared blankets while sleeping in its donated mini-van, inappropriately named Rihanna.

John Richards of KEXP called The Lighthouse and the Whaler his new favorite band. He may be the smartest man on the planet.

2012, New York

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